Why you need a Web Developer

Oftentimes, businesses want to hire a web designer, the goal in mind is to create an attractive website. The focus is on the aesthetics of the graphic design or creating an attractive Flash intro. Business owners confer with the website designer about which colors they want and what fonts look the best. But all of this is only presentation of the website.

You Need More Than a Website Designer: Let Me Be Your Web Developer

Who would you hire if you wanted to build a Jewelry shop in Riyadh? Maybe you’d hire an architect, an engineer, and some construction workers. That sounds about right. They’ll build a structure that’s safe and sturdy, a place your customers can walk through without worrying that the roof will fall on their heads.

But, will the lights work? If there’s an electrical problem, is there someone on hand who can fix it? If someone tries to rob you, will the cameras be recording and the alarms going off? Your business needs to be safe, with well-functioning burglar alarms so that your products and money are secure, just as your site needs to be invulnerable to hacking and exploitation and only a web developer could do it not a web designer.

Your business place has to be located near a well-traveled street, so people can see that your business exists, just as your website needs to be built by a web developer so that search engines such as Google and Bing can see it and bring people your way. A store needs to be laid out so that customers can see the most important products, just as your online site needs to be structured to advertise and emphasize key products or information. After all this your site still needs to work in a week or a month or a year, with a web developer making sure that your site links take visitors where they want to go and information submission forms actually deliver those leads to your inbox.

That’s where need of a web developer comes in. I know that designing an attractive website is only the very first step. That site has to be developed to meet your goals and fulfill your customers’ needs. I am not just web designer, I’m web DEVELOPER.

Allow me to help you develop your ideas and help your online business grow.

I am a freelance web developer available in Riyadh, and I want a long-term relationship with you, not just a quick payday, and I am dedicated to do whatever it takes to accomplish all of your business goals. Contact me right now for information on web design pricing or any other questions you might have, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.