Why Build Site With a CMS

I know you as a client want a website that is built from the ground up because you want your website to look original and unique. I understand your motive is entirely fair enough as it is most important for every business especially for startups to stand out in an impacted industry.

However, originality and uniqueness comes at a cost: if a site is built by hand, then probably some hands have to update it. Most of the site owners do not have the enough technical knowledge or no knowledge at all in some scenarios so they could update their sites on their own, as a result their websites tend to stagnate as no content is being added or updated.

Let’s ask a question at this point, what if client wants to update website on their own?

What is a CMS? What is the advantage of using a CMS?

CMS stands for “content management system”. They are the systems that are intuitive, flexible, secure and easy to use if you set them up and manage properly. They provide a strong base to your website and are accepted best way to build a website all over the world because they are SEO friendly which I will explain in a few. The most common CMS platforms and probably the best CMS platforms to build website by far are WordPress and Joomla. Some additional CMS platforms available are Drupal, Magento, Dot Net Nuke and many more. CMS platforms are the most effective ways to build website these days or we can say them as applications for building websites or blogs.

CMS platforms are designed to focus on what is the keystone in any modern online marketing campaign, and that is the content featured on the website. The big part of the reason is that most of the part of any website is in the form of descriptions, blog posts, informational pages and so on as it is necessary for SEO purposes. Google spider likes content a lot and it’s easier to comprehend what is in written form as opposed to what’s in a picture or graphic. But images, audio, video files and so on also includes in content. They’re very easy to use because they allow you to add content to your site easily and quickly by yourself. If you have a little knowledge about how to use a CMS platform, you can post content, feature a new product or create a new page, all that up and running in a matter of minutes by yourself at all. Literally!

CMS platforms allow you to write and format text the way you want. They have the page creation tool which is very easy to use and similar to word processing app, so you create titles, format text, and insert links just like you would in something like Microsoft Word. However, these systems come with additional possibilities like insert captioned images and embed YouTube videos. You can even preview what the finished product will look like, giving you a much better idea of what and how visitors see on your site.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word or any other text editor, CMS text editor will not be new for you because they are of quite a same nature. Whenever you want to make some changes no matter whether you come an hour later or a month, you can simply log in, select the page to edit and make changes the same way you did it for the first time. Believe me; some of your pages will be changed dozen of time as you come up with new and better ways to convey information.

Being able to add to and change your website is incredibly important, and it gives you power. If you know how to update your site, you’re capable to create content yourself you are willing to.

My clients are free to make their own choice. If you just want me to build a website and then hand over the key, that’s great, and because I will build their site with a simple-to-use CMS, and I am sure that you will be able to keep you site vibrant and alive with a tiny session of training. If you want me to take care of the content, that’s fine too, because I’ve built the site specifically so I can focus on creating quality product, rather than spending hours just building a page for that content to go onto.

Are Open Source CMS platforms secure?

Open Source means ‘community developed’ – the software is free to use and free to modify any way you choose. Every mainstream open-source CMS is developed by industry professionals and continuously improved on a near-daily basis to cover security, usability and more. They are actually more secure because of the community. There’s no stone un-turned on these systems, and each person working with them have a vested interest as all of their own work is built on these platforms. So, instead of a small team of developers who are developing to meet budget and time restrictions at a software company, you have thousands of developers working on the code to make their chosen platform as perfect as possible. How do they make money? By selling themes, plugins, support and making a name for themselves.

Of course, that means that whoever manages your website has to be responsible for keeping it updated. Always make sure you have a current backup, update your plugins, monitor security and more. I will definitely do these services for you when developing your website, so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on running your own business.

Using a CMS is really the best way to develop a site.

If you’re looking to have a modern, professional site that is flexible and very usable, CMS is the best way to develop a website. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so feel free to consult me for a recommendation on which one would best fit your business model and needs.

I am a freelance web developer available in Riyadh, and I want a long-term relationship with you, not just a quick payday, and I am dedicated to do whatever it takes to accomplish all of your business goals. Contact me right now for information on web design pricing or any other questions you might have, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.